Another type of culture presence

The vision of Squalio is to create a better culture of cloud acquisition. But above all, you – members of our Squalio family – are the ones we care about most. Here is a little something to make your moments more exciting, one more way to enjoy another type of culture presence – to feel the sense of culture immersion.
This is your Squalio mask book!

Warning: The following pages will offer you many identities, so choose carefully! Your choice might stick with you forever. The best way to find ‘The One’ is to try them all, cutting them out perfectly with the sharpest tool you can find. Don’t do it alone. Treat yourself to a bottle of good wine for this!


Latvia | Blue cow

She tries to be so special and so blue that she forgets to make her real moo!



Lithuania | Wolf

This animal is to be respected not because of its size of its claws or teeth. It is to be respected because it doesn’t perform in circus.





Ukraine | Common vole

My homeland is called “the food barn of Europe” and it is full of grain. And bread is not the only thing you can mak from grain, there is also liquid made of grain that does magic, and in Ukrainian it is called
H O R I L K A.



Belarus | Bison

It might be hard for some of you to acknowledge but… I’m probably the one last true European left!





Georgia | Lamb

Trust me – I’m not a pig and therefore I’m more noble… more tasty you could say!



Estonia | Lynx

It’s the most rock ’n’ roll animal in the ‘modern jungle’ and now… probably a female!





Bulgaria | Peacock

I don’t dance and I don’t sing either. I headbang!



Austria | Mountain goat

You can’t recognise a real composer without their wig!!!




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