CaptureIn + Samsung KNOX: Better together


Right from the start of IT era the information security and user experience were the opposite poles. Complex password policies enforce users to keep it on the sticky notes. Or they should carry with them inconvenient hardware OTP tokens, smart-card and smart card reader wherever they go. But information security and especially identity management could be convenient. And this is exactly what CaptureIn products is all about.

Based on asymmetric cryptography CaptureIn provides advanced security comparable to the most complex one time password tokens. Without any central database of secrets, without exposing users to any human readable secrets, CaptureIn is considerably more efficient against modern threats, including social engineering. Fully compatible with European Banking Authority guidelines on secure authentication, CaptureIn enables to limit exposure to cyber risks, providing convenient and affordable, secure smartphone assisted authentication solution. From end user perspective, the only requirement is to have a compatible smartphone based on iOS, Android or Windows Phone with Internet connection (WiFi or cellular) and installed CaptureIn mobile application.

And today we are very proud to announce that thanks to our joint solution with Samsung Electronics based on Samsung KNOX platform CaptureIn products became even more convenient.

KNOX aims to be the most comprehensively secure and manageable mobile device solution for enterprises large and small. Based on the Android OS, Samsung KNOX is designed around the philosophy that the foundations of device security should be rooted in fixed hardware mechanisms. KNOX bases this foundation in the principles of trusted computing, a set of methods for making devices that can prove to enterprises they are running the correct security software, and can raise alerts in the event that tampering is detected. On top of this trusted foundation, KNOX builds a Workspace environment to protect enterprise apps and their data, a robust set of data at rest protections, and a large suite of enterprise security tools.

Integrated with Samsung KNOX CaptureIn leverages its multi-layered Android security features and make the users’ life easier. CaptureIn internal database with user’s identity stays encrypted all the time with KNOX On-Device Encryption and launched within KNOX container CaptureIn doesn’t require any additional passwords or PINs besides authentication method configured by enterprise security policies for KNOX container. IT admins can choose to use fingerprint scanners, swipe patterns, security PINs, or passwords for employees access the KNOX container.

Read more about Samsung KNOX here:

CaptureIn will be available soon on the Samsung KNOX Apps store.


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