DPA, Latvian information technology group, changes brands


From 20 January DPA Group company DPA changes its brand and further will be known under SQUALIO name. 

In turn, DPA Group company SQUALIO, to provide more accurate brand message to the public, becomes SQUALIO cloud consulting.

The new brand SQUALIO characterizes corporate approach to business, which includes significant core values that the company provides to its customers on a daily basis – software expertise, reliable quality and the opportunities provided by cloud technology.

“The brand change was a logical step towards the overall growth of the companies, particularly when thinking about and developing their activities in the international market. On a certain stage of development we needed a brand that would identify us in a global context and create direct association only with us. Brand SQUALIO includes great potential and it definitely will help to promote our competitiveness in the future," told DPA Group’s member of the Board Juris Vilders.

Last year, in the summer of 2015, the DPA Group, to focus on the main sphere of activity and be able to respond more flexibly to market changes, made changes to the structure of the company, dividing the business into two separate lines:

SQUALIO (previously DPA) offers clients the software and cloud services licensing as well as software management services.

In turn, SQUALIO cloud consulting (previously SQUALIO) provides local market with implementation and management of IT infrastructure cloud technology, security and business management systems, creating solutions for specific customer needs and developing own products. The company has accumulated successful experience in EU R&D framework projects, focusing mainly on the studies in IT security and biometrics fields.

Existing brand change will not affect current legal relationship of DPA Group and its business partners.

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