Google implements a pricing increase for its services


Since launching Google Workspace in 2020, Google delivered hundreds of new features to fuel secure collaboration from anywhere. The updates range from improvements to Google world-class security and reliability that are required by the largest customers, to tools that increase the simplicity and helpfulness desired by smaller teams. The power of Google Workspace apps running in the cloud is that these enhancements are immediately available to all customers, increasing the delivered value.

Google has announced a few updates to its pricing to reflect the value in products, alongside expanded commitment options to lock in the lowest pricing, providing customers with more choice.  

Starting April 1, 2023, foreign exchange rates for converting prices will change +11% Euro (EUR). Get a better deal for your Google Workspace subscription by March 31, 2023.

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Pricing updates, according to google:

  • First in the updates, Google introduces an  Annual Plan option for all editions available. Annual Plans are great for organizations ready to commit to a longer-term agreement, and allow customers the ability to lock in the lowest per-user price.  
  • Second, Google is increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions. Flexible Plans offer customers the option to pay as they go, with no commitment, and provide customers the option to add or delete user accounts at any time, offering added flexibility for businesses with a variable-size workforce. 
  • Third, Google is increasing the price of Google Workspace Enterprise Standard to reflect the added value to the edition, including industry - leading security controls and administrative features designed for large enterprises. There are no list price changes to the other Enterprise editions, including education upgrades. Customers should connect with their account managers if they have questions.

To give Google existing customers sufficient lead time, the new pricing will roll out starting in April of this year and through 2024, depending on factors that include number of user licenses, current contract terms, and payment plan. For example, pricing for existing Google Workspace subscriptions with 10 or fewer user licenses will not change until January 2024. Customers will be notified via the Google Workspace Admin Console at least 30 days before their price changes take effect and provided with more specific information to help them navigate these changes.   Google Workspace delivers incredible value to teams and organizations of all sizes at a competitive price, and Squalio as an official business partner commits to delivering flexibility and choice to customers. Get to know more about benefits of working with Google business partner here.  

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Source: Google blog

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