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The Latvian ICT company DPA has developed and in January presented the CaptureIn solution that replaces passwords in the online environment. It was initially available only in the website, has been improved, and now is available in the corporate product line ACTO Enterprise Identity - a multifactor authentication solution that gives companies the possibility to secure internal systems. ACTO Enterprise Identity increases a company's overall IT security and does not burden the user with additional inconvenient equipment or inventory. The authentication tool is a device that each one of us carries around daily - a smartphone.

Since mid-July CaptureIn is no longer available in the website, where, during the initial phase of the project, it was possible for a wide range of users to test the new technology and develop it into a secure and stable product. "The CaptureIn team thanks the website for their collaboration and for the possibility to use the popularity and many users of during the CaptureIn testing period, in order to introduce a new and unique technology in the Latvian market – CaptureIn. Even though our paths have diverged and the end of the project means that the CaptureIn solution is no longer available in the website, we hope that the knowledge gained during this collaboration will assist all of us in our future development. We also thank all of the CaptureIn users – your comments, suggestions, and reviews help us to improve and develop so that in the future we may offer you even more convenient and useful solutions," says Aigars Jaundalders, DPA Manager for Development of New Business Directions.

The CaptureIn solution will also continue to be available as it has been until now - any webpage that doesn't want passwords to be cracked and stolen can apply for free use of CaptureIn.

The CaptureIn solution is appropriate anywhere where a password is required and an online terminal is available. It works with any iPhone or Android smartphone and doesn't require any additional devices, equipment, or investments - authentication happens by using a smartphone to scan the QR code in a service provider's website.

Security is an especially important aspect when one takes into account that, during 2013 alone, roughly 500 million identities were stolen in the virtual environment: Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Google passwords, Adobe active user data, Evernote was forced to delete passwords after a hacker attack. At the beginning of this year, Ebay also suffered from a cyber attack on the databases where their user registration data was stored, and also in Latvia it is not rare to hear about client data being leaked through the Internet. These are just a few examples. Passwords have been used everywhere since ancient times, but currently, the passwords in the online world are not secure, are inconvenient, and no longer meet the needs of the consumer. However, CaptureIn is as secure as the world's longest password, cannot be seen by anybody, and is never used more than once. Nonexistent passwords mean that they cannot be stolen or simply forgotten.

Currently, CaptureIn is available to login to the website
The solution's website:

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