Squalio receives the title of the Microsoft Partner of the Year in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus


For Partners of Microsoft – Opportunities of Business Development at the Value of Four Trillion Euro

On Monday, July 10 in Washington D.C. the annual conference of partners of Microsoft Microsoft Inspire has started and will continue till July 13. Within its framework Microsoft has announced that the currently ongoing digital transformation creates new opportunities for partner companies of Microsoft at the value of 4 trillion euro (4.5 trillion USA dollars) in the entire world. The digital transformation is moved forward by cloud technologies, including the internet of things, supplemented reality, artificial intellect and data. During the conference Microsoft made acquainted with new services for business – Microsoft 365 and platform of hybrid cloud services Azure Stack.

Partner of the Year in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus

Already for 40 years Microsoft in its development is based on the ecosystem of string partners, therefore at the annual conference traditionally the Microsoft’s partners of the year were feted. This year the IT company of Latvia SQUALIO was granted a special acknowledgement and received the title of the Partner of the Year not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Belarus. The company SQUALIO, in cooperation with SQUALIO cloud consulting became the Partner of the Year of Microsoft in Latvia as it in the Azure platform developed the road traffic supervision solution FITS ITEMS, which substantially improves the road traffic safety and saves lives of people. It is also woth noting that the further development and elaboration of this solution is performed by SQUALIO cloud consulting. “Ecosystem of partners forms 95 % of the total business volume of Microsoft. Per each cloud service of Microsoft at the value of 1 euro the partners offer for their clients the solutions with the added value 4.14 euro on average. This indicator for companies oriented towards cloud services grows up to 5.87 euro,” emphasises Renāte Strazdiņa, chief executive of Microsoft Latvia. “Latvian IT company SQUALIO cloud consulting is an excellent example how a solution created on basis of Microsoft cloud technologies can help in saving of human life and health. Moreover, this solution can be advanced in export markets, as well,” Renāte Stradziņa expresses her satisfaction. “This year we have a triple cause for gladness, because SQUALIO this year is the only company in the entire Europe which simultaneously has received three awards of Microsoft’s “Partner of the Year 2017” – in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. The received recognition is the mirror image of our company’s ambitions and current evidence that Latvia is able to make good achievements!” says Sandis Kolomenskis, board member of SQUALIO Group.

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