Success story: Rationalizing software management - 80% drop in malware installations, 45% in games, 99% in file-sharing apps

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In today's fast-moving business world, where software is crucial, Squalio aimed to overhaul software management for a client, industrial robotics and automation manufacturers. Understanding the vital need for a well-organized software portfolio, we worked to create a thorough software management service. The client, dealing with issues caused by differences in software versions and editions, sought Squalio's help to make things smoother. To improve workflow efficiency and reduce compatibility problems, the client trusted Squalio to navigate the complex world of software management.

In response to the client's needs, Squalio conducted careful audits every six months since 2021. This thorough examination examined every aspect of the company's software, from top vendors to usage patterns, resulting in a wealth of useful insights. Armed with this information, the client could launch internal projects to remove unnecessary software.

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The results of Squalio's efforts were clear and tailored to the client's needs. Detailed reports provided a close look at software usage, while simplified reports made comparing and identifying trends easy. Visual aids, like graphs and charts, made complicated data easy to understand, helping with decision-making. Additionally, practical recommendations paved the way for better software management practices and improved efficiency.

The success of Squalio's work was evident. Malware installations dropped by 80%, games by 45%, and file-sharing applications by 99%. Outdated software, a common issue, decreased about 30%. Furthermore, the client was able to start targeted projects to remove specific software.

A quote from a customer

 I highly recommend Squalio for their exceptional work in software rationalization. Their expertise in analyzing our software landscape and providing actionable recommendations significantly streamlined our operations. Squalio experts were a pleasure to work with, demonstrating professionalism and effective communication throughout the process. Their contributions led to cost savings and improved efficiency, making them a valuable asset to any organization.

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