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Squalio is an information technology group that has been operating in the market for 20 years and delivers progressive cloud solutions, software licensing and software asset management services for customers striving for secure and effective IT management and development of their business strategy.

Our philosophy – to use the benefits of modern technology ourselves – has ensured rapid growth, and now Squalio operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Austria, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan, and we are still growing fast.

Why Squalio?


Certified by


We have the largest vendor network in the market with the highest certification, which lets us provide our customers with better price politics and support from software vendors.


Awarded for


Our awards and recognitions from our vendors and industry serve as proof of our expertise in software licensing and our ability to provide outstanding quality services to our customers.


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Acquiring software through Squalio ensures access to customer support and guarantees that all products are completely legal.

Software asset management

Looking for a cost-effective way to manage your computer, server and software assets? Software health-check is the fastest and simplest way to find out how!


Software licensing

Finding the right software can make a world of difference for your IT  management costs. Our software tools and services will help you find yours!


Software acquisition, deployment & more…


Finding the best
solutions for your
specific business needs.


Ensuring best price
and purchase channel
to help you save more.


Helping you start
work faster – deployment,
adaptation and training.


Providing assistance
when things don’t quite
work as planned.