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Software is our greatest passion and we’re determined to learn everything there is to know
about the software products we offer. We’ll help you install and deploy
your software, train your staff as well as provide support
when things don’t work as expected.


The General data protection regulation (GDPR) applies to any business and it will be enforced on 2018 May 25 and it obligates new requirements for all business in terms of how to work with personal data.

Your data assurance - File and Server Backup

Built to protect businesses both large and small. SQUALIO Back-up provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud and takes care of the management and monitoring for you.

Training for employees and IT department

Looking for ways to improve employee IT skills and boost their efficiency? We offer a wide range of custom training courses for a large variety of subjects and software. Apply to get more information.


Software asset management services

Software and hardware inventory

Whether you need to identify all licensable software installed on the network or to track the installs on every PC — we will make it quick and easy for you! It delivers a clear and accurate view of the hardware devices and software assets deployed across multi-platform networks.


Compliance review

Ideal way to audit and manage your software compliance and potentialities for cost optimization. Discover what’s installed on your network, track the usage of costly business applications and find out how many licenses you have vs. your number of installs. It will be complemented with custom recommendations and next steps to do to make your IT environment healthy!


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