high quality information supporting critical decisions



full visibility of what you have and where is it stored



cost savings by eliminating unnecessary costs & increasing productivity

get the most out of your software

Squalio ICE Service is delivering a Software Asset Management (SAM) service that is designed to provide customers with a clear overview of their software environment and licensing models in order to help them make wise decisions in the future. The need for SAM services is growing in importance, as businesses adapt to the latest IT trends, move their business tools to the cloud and place greater emphasis on mobile technologies. 



one-time engagement that helps you to identify invisible parts of your IT iceberg.


for securing ROI from your software investments by adding full control, intelligence and effectiveness to your software asset management.

Why choose Squalio?

Squalio aims to deliver more than just data. We strategically build our service in a way that equips our customers with value based intelligence. Data normalization and processing has become a common denominator in today’s IT business world. Squalio combines the acquired information with our technical expertise and transforms this knowledge into actionable business intelligence that allows the customer to make informed decisions and solve their business issues with sustainable solutions

Our recognition

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Competent recommendations in matters of Microsoft analysis and clear reasoning enabled us to make the right management decisions, and achieve significant cost saving during the purchase process.

Alexander Kumsiashvili, CIO of Credo Bank

Software Asset Management has simplified the IT role and made us more efficient as an organisation. Now we are able to combine cost optimisation and prevention with more traditional compliance activities.

Evolution Gaming

The benefits delivered by SQUALIO software inventory range from the measurable time/money savings achieved to improved security.

Rhenus Logistics

Software inventory helped to regain initiative on software spending by understanding the current license position. Control and visibility of IT assets allowed GPI to effectively plan the IT budget for the future. We appreciate the work of SQUALIO experts who gave us clear recommendations for more beneficial licensing.

GPI Holding

By completing Software Asset Management, Kazaeronavigatsia gained greater control over its software purchasing. The company reduced risks and gained comfort in its knowledge of its software licensing. With the help of SQUALIO, a software strategy was created that helped us to establish policies and training across the company to maintain the benefits in the future.


Any data gathered about you during our cooperation will never be passed on to third parties and will not be utilised for any other purposes besides carrying out the services you requested. Furthermore, all services are provided according to the best practices of the industry and in compliance with strict privacy, transparency and security policies.