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In today’s fast-evolving world every business needs a strong and secure IT infrastructure for effective work from anywhere. While remote and hybrid work sets up it`s own challenges, increasing risks of cyberattacks and data leakage bring out many questions of how to keep the company safe and improve the day-to-day quality. We are here to guide you through it with the answers.

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We will provide you with solutions for most common issues like security, managing insider and outsider risks, data breaches, hybrid workplace and meetings, securing identity etc. You will receive invitations for online webinars with IT experts from Logitech, Cososys, Safetica and more with live demonstrations and Q&A sessions, gain extra insights with available e-books and videos, plus latest updates and offers on hand. Apply now!

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Specially designed for lawyers – subjects with a focus on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. How to meet business needs and regulatory requirements efficiently? We believe that privacy is not an obstacle for business but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly.


Hybrid Workplace & Meetings

Remote and hybrid work should not be an obstacle. Learn about all the possibilities of MS Teams and take the quality of your hybrid-meetings to the next level. Find out tips and tricks and improve your digital collaboration!


Discovering Sensitive Data

Learn to protect your sensitive data – understand the possible risks upfront and strengthen your security strategy. Protect your services, products and people from data loss and gain insights from your data with intelligent analytics. Build new and compliant strategies for your individual needs!

Module 4


Identify vulnerabilities and protect your business from insider risks – learn about User Risk check, Data Protection Baseline Assessment, Microsoft Compliance overview etc.

Module 5


Monitor your systems both on-premises and in the cloud. Control user access to critical information – define and manage the roles and access privileges of network users. Secure your identity and learn about the best practises for integration with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Module 6

Reliable Security

What are the biggest risks in security and how to avoid them? Protect your organisation by identifying, analyzing, predicting and preventing cyber threats.

Module 7

modernizing communication

Focus on the possibilities of MS Teams telephony

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