Do you know how safe is your computer?

A security check will find it out!

Often enough, companies do not have a unified software and hardware inventory: employees can freely install software, use company data and computers for their personal needs, thus creating a risk for data leaks and legal issues. A computer security check will provide a structured overview of how many and which programs are installed on the computer, identify unfavourable or malicious installations and offer licensing recommendations for eliminating flaws.

  • Computer security check takes only a few seconds.
  • In result, you will receive a structured report and recommendations.

computer security check consists of 3 easy steps

Step 1


Software inventory is performed by downloading a certified software tool which automatically performs the inventory within seconds.

Step 2


The data collected about the installed software are presented in a clear report along with recommendations for eliminating data leak and legal risks.

Step 3


To analyse the risks and recommendations found during the security check, Squalio’s software specialists offer a free consultation.

PC check offer

279 EUR

For up to 50 company computers (without VAT)

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