optimize engieering application’s licensing

SQUALIO conducts License Optimization Review for engineering application in scope to help optimize used network, concurrent or floating licenses. License Optimization Review is repeated every qarter to ensure license optimization progress. Snow for Engineering Applications, SEA is the best solution on the market to manage cost and licensing for Engineering Applications. SNOW for Engineering enables monitoring of 26 different network license manager systems such as FlexLM to manage engineering software like Autodesk, Mathlab, Ansys, Catia, SolidWorks, Teamcenter, PLM, Bentley and many others.

Benefits of license management

Ensure compliance through centralized software usage monitoring across all sites.

Cost control through monitoring of engineering application usage habits over time.

Compare network license check out vs real application usage.

Harvest unused (inactive) network licenses.

Use gathered usage information (trends, heatmaps, statistics) as basis for internal analysis and business process improvements.

Generate IT audit reports to easily assign the cost of software usage to user groups, projects, business units.

Frequently met engineering application
licensing painponts for businesses

  • Every concurrent or floating network license for engineering application usually is very expensive.
  • Users opens  engineering app, but leaves it running in the background, causing inactive usage.
  • There are multiple license manager technologies used for around enterprise (FlexNet/FlexLM, Reprise, Sentinel, DSLS/LUM, MathLM, NetHASP and other).
  • Inactive (passive) network application usage blocks license for other users.
  • No single interface or mechanism to consolidate data from multiple network license manager servers on multiple engineering apps.
  • Concurrent / floating licenses often are purchased more than actual needs.
  • No real-time statistics on actual network license usage.
  • Planning of actual required engineering application license and budget needs.
Real-time License MonitoringTrack Active and Inactive Software UsageAutomated License Harvesting
Functionality level***
Snow for Engineering Applications – Level 1
Snow for Engineering Applications – Level 2
Snow for Engineering Applications – Level 3

Real-time License Monitoring

Software usage metering and optimization tool that provides an enterprise-wide overview of installed software programs managed by most software license managers. Module cuts software license cost and reduces usage waste by monitoring software use. See when and by whom licenses are used over time, by location, business unit, or project group, from a total enterprise view down to a single user.

Track Active and Inactive Software Usage

Tool that monitors activity levels of applications. Module generates reports showing detailed usage of CPU and elapsed time, keyboard, mouse and I/O usage, portraying each application, where and when it is running, and who is running it.  This enables to monitor application activity and compare it against specific thresholds to determine if an application is active or inactive.

Automated License Harvesting

Flexible and powerful license harvesting tool for engineering application optimization. Powerful and automated software license management system, which allows for better control in managing license resources by discovering and suspending applications that are not actively used, and releasing the unused licenses to redeploy to active users.

Ready to optimize?


license management
project timeline

1st quarter


SQUALIO helps conducting technical implementation of solution, gather all the procurement documentation and create initial License Compliance Review.


  • Developed SAM goals.
  • SNOW solution installed.
  • Specific agents for Engineering application users are distributed.
  • Integration agents are installed on each license manager of Engineering applications.
  • All the Engineering applications licenses are collected and reperesented in SNOW License Manager.
  • Created and validated automatical ELP reports.
  • Created usage reports.
  • Initial optimization recommendations.

2nd quarter


User onboarding through SNOW user and administrator training and licensing trainings. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on compliance position and optimization.


  • SNOW user training.
  • SNOW administrator training.
  • Educating in Engineering applications licensing rules.
  • Engineering applications licensing optimization follow-up.

3rd quarter


SQUALIO helps to customize solution – adjust reports, define alerts. SQUALIO performs repeated License Compliance Review to evaluate changes from initial review and identify further steps.


  • Definition of product changes.
  • Procuct is customized in accordance to Client needs.
  • Repeated legal risks assessment with progress evaluation.

4th quarter


Building processes around SNOW software and license management through the software lifecycle. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on  compliance position and optimization.


  • Assessment of current procedures and policies.
  • Establishing Engineering applications license management policies.
  • Engineering applications licensing optimization follow-up.
  • Evaluated goals, set-up of goals for year 2.

Why to choose Squalio?


Squalio is the only partner in Baltics owning Platinum certification for the leading SAM tool producer Snow – a leader of Gartner MQ.


We are a European trusted player and deliver worldwide. Our services are done by best practice of industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance statements.


Our experts in SAM, Licensing Optimisation and associated Software Services are delivering end to end software services and provide by default, what others provide as premium services