if you work with personal data,
you are in!

what is personal data?

Name, surname, phone number,e-mail address or physical address

Car registration number and model, car owner or insurance details

Racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership

Bank account, credit card number, expiration date or CCA number

Information about a person's health, blood type, disease history or sex life

Photo and video images, physical appearance or biometrical data

Passport or ID data: number, nationality, place of issue and date, or signature

Information about a person's income, property or cash flow

Information about a person's family members - name and surname of children or other information about family members

The General data protection regulation (GDPR) applies to any business that works with customer personal data. Regulation will be enforced on 2018 May 25 and it obligates new requirements for all business in terms of how to work with personal data. High fines will be introduced from up to 4% of annual turnover for non-compliance.

Watch the video about the General Data Protection Regulation and how to achieve compliance and therebyto save money, and maintain your reputation and customer base.

making heavy stuff fluffy

With such a complex regulation, achieving compliance is likely to be a lengthy and complicated process. That’s why GEDERD has created an easy 3-step guide to achieve compliance by the time the regulation comes into effect.

  • Quick and easy guidance towards compliance
  • Your business risk calculator
  • Free legal document package
  • Easy and available technological solution

3-step guide

To get ready for the GDPR, follow our 3-step guide now

Step 1


Take a test comprising 6 easy questions to understand your risk score and how urgently action is needed to comply.


Step 2


Download a free legal document package that includes a basic GDPR compliance documentation and ready-made templates.


Step 3


Our certified IT solution will help you achieve compliance easily and further will help you to manage your business data securely.



Step 1

Step 2

Risk Calculator

Answer the following six questions and find out your company's risk score. This will allow you to understand
how urgently action is needed in order to comply with the GDPR. The test results are anonymous.

Does your company collect any data on private individuals?

Customer or employee name, surname, e-mail address and phone number, credit card or passport data etc.

Are you aware how much, where and what kind of personal data your employees hold?

On paper, within e-mails, on desktop, hard drive, flash drives or in the cloud.

Do your agreements with employees include obligations and responisbilities regarding work with personal data?

Do your agreements with customers (or online shop forms) include terms and conditions relating to work with the person data?

Does your business have an internal policy regarding work with person data?

Do you have any IT solution for secure work with personal data?

A solution or software that controls access to data, allows you to set employee access rights to data, trace data flow, monitor data security and receive notifications about data breaches.

Step 1

Step 2

Your risk score

Your company ratio indicates serious deficiencies in work with person data

! Without taking any action to remedy the deficiencies, your company is in danger of
losing money and damaging reputation !

Your result indicates some deficiencies in work with person data

Look over your existing processes and remedy the deficiencies to be GDPR compliant.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1

Legal documents

A solution for achieving compliance

In order to avoid spending time and money on consulting lawyers, we offer you to obtain all the necessary legal documents in one place and
completely free of charge - sample contracts with clients, employees and partners; powers of attorney; terms and conditions on work with data;
processes and rules that must be signed and stored by your company.

If you don’t take any action to remedy non-compliance, your company
is in danger of losing money and its reputation!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Step 3

Step 2

IT solution

Safeguarding data

Our GDPR-certified IT solution fulfills the main requirements of the new regulation
for data management, control and security. It is easy to install and flexible in cooperating with your
existing IT solutions and hardware.

Price per user

19,70 €

per month

  • Trace data flow to structure and find personal data.
  • Set document access rights to control access to personal data.
  • Advanced IT security features to protect your data.
  • Notifications about data security breaches to prevent data leakage.

Now you know what
steps to take to achieve
GDPR compliance


If your company works with specific IT systems and/or with particularly important data, there might be additional
actions or requirements necessary to achieve full GDPR compliance.


Ready to secure your business?