Optimize your IT environment

With ICE Optimization service you’ll receive a cloud-based SAM solution and ongoing advisory for right-sizing your software, cutting unnecessary costs and reducing potential risks.  

ICE Review works best for organisations that:

  • Expects license audit from vendors
  • Feels concerned about overpaying for licenses
  • Has license agreements with large vendors
  • Worries about software security
  • Plans to implement cloud strategy
  • Follows IT industry standards
  • Has no idea what SAM is



We implement SAM system in cloud to gather data from your environment and connect existing IT systems. Guidance is provided to system users to navigate throughout the system and data report.




System is tailored to individual requirement and complete repository of agreement and licenses is created.   We will guide you to establishing full visibility over IT and develop corresponding processes.




Quarterly assessments are carried out by experienced consultants. The goal of assessment is to identify potential financial, legal and security risks, provide mitigation and license optimization recommendations in the form of Executive Summary.

Refresh your SAM by adding more ICE

ICE OptimiSation helps you to:

  • Monitor and retrieve data on the technology and software used in the enterprise, monitor whether and to what extent it is used.

  • Analyse and forecast IT and software budgets and monitor current costs. With our service, you can find optimisation opportunities and save up to 30% on license costs in the first year.
  • Evaluate the compliance of the programs used with the licenses you have purchased, thus protecting yourself from unnecessary risks.
  • Prepare for your next license purchase by making a smart choice without buying anything unnecessary;

  • Increase work efficiency by analysing what applications and how often are used by the employee.