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The goal of the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 adoption project is to drive business value, gain user adoption and achieve business objectives with the Microsoft cloud technologies. 

adoption project modules

1. strategic workshop

Strategic workshop with the management team to find out the business goals, digital processes in the organisation and needed IT services for each department, and map out broadly met challenges. It will help to identify key business scenarios and goals to reach during the adoption project.

4.  Educational content

The goal is to decrease time spent on simple tasks by streamlining main workflows and making them clear to audience. Digital content for on-boarding and re-boarding shall be created on knowledgebase. Educational content creation includes assortment of best text and video Office 365 content available according to training plan and sssistance on original content creation by creating course and lesson plan, high-level content description and validation of final lesson scripts.

2. Definition of key scenarios

Through the surveys and interviews conducted with workshop participants the expected output is to generate five improved scenarios, define the main messaging for the campaign, fusing together clients values and given scenarios, and create mid-level action plan on delivering campaign, including KPIs.

5. Champion program

The goad of product chempions is to decrease IT helpdesk involvement and increase organic adoption of new solution. This module includes designation and training of 10-15 product champions who shall help their peers. We will assistance on choosing champions across teams, validation of the final list, pre and post-program surveys about daily productivity, program planning and execution management, as well as leading introductory program and 3-hour workshop based on plan created.

3. Pilotproject

The goal of the pilotproject for selected team is to prove scenario relevance with the business goals, gather feedback and iterate to improve the scenarios if needed. Employees of a team are introduced to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 and instructed the basics according to agreed scenarios.

6. launch event

Adoption project concludes with a launch event which goal is to gain that whole organization acknowledges and accepts Office 365 / Microsoft 365, knows the business goals, solution basics and where to find additional help.  We will create an event plan, according to learnt internal culture and processes, live involvement during the live event and summary of the event and plan proposal on strategy and actions how to move forward to reach full solution adoption.