To break down the costs

and to enable all stakeholders to make optimal licensing and configuration decisions, you need a Software Asset Management (SAM) Complience Review of the deployed Oracle software on servers along with a review of your corresponding license documentation and licensing needs. The purpose of Oracle License Compliance Review is to identify possible legal and other risks associated with installed and used Oracle software and provide recommendations to reduce them.

Oracle Licence Compliance
Review Options

Up to 25 Oracle DBUp to 100 Oracle DB
Price3 000 EUR5 000 EUR
Complete overview of installed Oracle software and actual licenses
Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) report
Oracle license compliance risk assessment
Recommendations on licensing improvements and cost optimization
Understanding about Oracle licensing policies
Readiness for Oracle license true up and Oracle LMS Audit

During the review we collect and analyze the following:

Information about Oracle software and database products, which are installed (incl. installed and used Oracle database Options, Management packs and named user access);

Information about Oracle licenses. proof of purchase data and license entitlements for Oracle software, which was identified on Customer computer systems.

Want to get more?


reason to go for Oracle License Managed Services and to opt for it’s official provider

Oracle License Management Services (LMS) is a global team of licensing experts and consultants that works closely with customers and partners to help them extract the full value from their Oracle investments. Oracle LMS provides customers with the authoritative voice, coupled with practical advice, on all aspects of Oracle’s licensing policies.

Oracle LMS offers a range of customisable services that help customers and partners make more informed decisions for optimising their current Oracle license estate—and identifying future requirements. Engaging with Oracle LMS can be done at any time before or after signing Oracle license contract.

Why to choose Squalio?


Squalio is the only partner in Baltics owning Platinum certification for the leading SAM tool producer Snow – a leader of Gartner MQ.


We are a European trusted player and deliver worldwide. Our services are done by best practice of industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance statements.


Our experts in SAM, Licensing Optimisation and associated Software Services are delivering end to end software services and provide by default, what others provide as premium services