Phishing simulation

Phishing is the most common attack vector to gain access to user accounts or your internal networks. Phishing simulation tests help to assess this risk and proactively implement awareness training or other technical protection measures.

We can perform various phishing simulations:

  • Single campaign for all employees with one scenario
  • Single campaign for all employees with different scenarios for different groups
  • Multiple recurring campaigns over a longer period with different scenarios for different groups of employees

We create our customised scenarios, some of which are country-specific. You can either choose from our existing library or we can create something special for you. Localization is possible.

Your business challenges


Users usually think that they can easily identify phishing because common misunderstanding about crafted scenarios


If you do not have data about user exposure to such an attacks, you can’t plan efficient countermeasures

Place for improvment

Technical solutions is not enough, because cybercriminals can found new ways before the defense systems are upgraded by the vendors.

Our Solution

Does your cybersecurity feel like Whack-a-Mole? Phishing attacks are constantly evolving, and relying solely on technical solutions is like playing catch-up. Imagine if your employees were trained to recognize these scams before they click on a single link!

Our simulated phishing test is more than just a test - it's a training ground. We create realistic email scenarios that mimic real phishing attempts and help your employees become phishing pros. By learning to recognize the red flags, they become the first line of defense protecting your business from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Our standard delivery process:

  • We use realistic phishing scenarios that mimic common phishing techniques and real-world threats.
  • Our standard scenario requires users to input their work-related credentials (username and password) on fake or spoofed websites designed according to scenario
  • We can tailor scenarios for specific users or groups
  • We can do longer campaigns, where not all users are targeted at the same time, but different groups with different scenarios are attacked in longer periods so your users cant identify that this is the test case
  • Additionally, we can look how easy is to find your users data on the internet, check the passwords security against largest data breaches, implement scenario with simulated malware download to test your desktop security, etc. 
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables

  • Final report will indicates percentage of users who opened the link and who entered sensitive information
  • You understand how high is the risk that your users will react on malicious e-mails and your users understands that the risk is real
  • You will have clear recommendations how to improve the situation

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