With Software Asset Management, an organisation can get a real-time picture of the license position, whereby savings can be realised on software licenses and underlying support and maintenance contracts.

Finding a specialised team that can give the organisation insight into the software license compliance status of the most important software publishers is not an easy task to complete.


Software and Hardware Inventory

Automated Software & Hardware inventory is the best way to get basic information necessary for CMDB or just to clarify the actual state of your environment and deployments, when there is no trustful source of information. Results are categorized, with normalized naming and cover all PCs, Servers, Clusters, Virtual machines running on dozens of OS versions.

License Compliance review

First stage to renegotiate any license agreement is achieving full clarity of current effective license positions. Regardless if its renewal of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or ISV based tool purchase, Squalio has extensive experience in performing both – customer cost and environment optimization oriented services as well as vendor auditor role.

Oracle License Management

Licensing of specific vendors is often complex and differs from any other vendor logics. Holding the status Oracle License Management Service Provider (LMS) Squalio has necessary licensing expertise to deep dive in the subject and consult customers about the best ways to reduce the risks of noncompliance and make the most out of Oracle products.


In the world of information, personal data is often the core of business success. As such it is highly valuable and sensitive. With the EU GDPR regulation coming into force, the clarity about personal data protection, safety, retention and correct handling has become vital. Squalio has developed an extensive analysis framework, which has proven to uncover both high risks and issues, as well as, best practice negligence and incorrect procedures. The result of Squalio GDPR IT Audit is precise action plan with priorities, including impact and importance description of findings.

IT Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an extremely crucial phase of mergers and acquisition process, used also for major contract negotiations. As such, it must cover all possible risk subjects and uncover any possible future investments or liabilities that might occur. As a professional auditor and consultant, Squalio applies the expertise of IT licensing and contract negotiation peculiarities, as well as knowledge of vendor logic changes in merger process to produce a full landscape description of the existing IT environment and associated future investment risks.