it’s like a house built for yourself

Squalio offers data privacy services to manage organisations’ privacy challenges and offers the tools and services to implement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. We believe that privacy is not an obstacle for business but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly. That is why we provide services that help our customers meet both their business needs and regulatory requirements efficiently.

“During our own long and bumpy road to GDPR compliance within Squalio Group, our team were faced with the challenges of overcomplicated existing GDPR implementation methodology available and lack of the reasonable tools for managing the inventory processes for GDPR required data. Squalio privacy services is the manifestation of our GDPR framework vision – reasonable, easy to use and user friendly approach. The idea was dreamt up by our very own certified Data Protection Officers and IT developers. Therefore, our methodology and tools have been created with deep understanding of both GDPR aspects – the legal and the IT. It’s like a house that you build for yourself and for your data.”

Elīna Girne
Chief Legal Officer / Compliance Officer
Squalio Group



IT audit will not only allow to collect information on possible IT risks but also evaluate the steps needed to be taken for full GDPR IT compliance.



Legal documents

In order to avoid spending time and money, we offer you to obtain all the necessary legal documents in one place and completely free of charge.


Data security

Solutions and tools

Choose the world’s leading security solutions and tools to help you assess and manage your compliance risk, store and protect your data.



Data register

View, follow, and evaluate data flows in your company. Receive suggestions for optimising your data storage and a complete inventory report.


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