Audit your software environment

License compliance review is an effective solution for understanding the current condition of your software environment and evaluating the potential for improving your business ROI through software asset optimization.

Only wise assets are assets. Others are costs.

With the growing number of software and licensing models available in the market, how do you coping with management of your software assets in your company? Here are some of the potential benefits why it is worth to think about it.

Reduce cost

Software inventory can reduce costs in several ways, helping you to eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses, limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software, reduce the potential for unexpected software costs and avoid paying damages for noncompliance.

Obtain peace of mind

Software inventory best practices help you manage license compliance throughout your organization. When you effectively track and document your software licenses, you lower the risk of noncompliance. You also create a better working environment for your employees and partners.

Invest intelligently

Based on inventory data you will be able to produce quick returns on investment of your existing assets and intelligently plan new software purchase or start thinking about a strategic software plan for the future.

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Audit and manage your software

License compliance review is an ideal way to audit and manage your software compliance and potentialities for cost optimization. Discover what’s installed on your network, track the usage of costly business applications and find out how many licenses you have vs. your number of installs. It will be complemented with custom recommendations and next steps to do to make your IT environment healthy!

What is the process of the software health-check project?

Let your software be counted!

By installing a certified scanning tool, we will gather the data of software installed across your network. Corresponding license documentation and other relevant information will be summarized via template and interview.

Let us crunch the

Based on collected data, we will create an analysis to discover potential compliance issues, unwanted or harmful installations, as well as possible cost savings through more suitable licensing model or software optimization.

Let us to create an added value!

Up and coming you will receive a custom report of your software data, results of analysis, recommendations and ready-to-go roadmap to optimize your software environment and prevent <br> risks.

Software assessment identified the license compliance issues, cloud readiness level and the options for optimization and cost saving by moving to cloud.


Software asset management has simplified IT role and made us more efficient as an organization. Now we are able to combine cost optimization and prevention with more traditional compliance activities.

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The benefits delivered by SQUALIO software inventory range from the measurable time/money savings achieved to improved security.

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Your data is yours!

Your data gathered during the service is not delivered to any third party and is not utilized for any other purposes. Service is done by best practice of industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance statements.