icy365 is a project collaboration tool that fully integrates with twelve different Office 365 tools in one app

icy365 sits on top of Office 365 to bring apps together into one window view for enhanced user experience with simple project management functionality to put the end-user in full control.

Our sustainable and fully-functional mobile app helps you to focus on what really matters. icy365 helps you be creative and moves your projects forward quickly and easily.

Why choose icy365?

Reach Your Project Management Goals Faster

Incredibly fast communication between your team members and full project visibility helps you to make the right decisions to move projects forward.

Financial Benefits

All the relevant information related to your team projects is always at your fingertips. The more information you can pull into one place, the easier it is to avoid mistakes, decrease your losses and increase your income.

Improve Your Productivity

With our all-in-one window application, you can easily increase the pace and engagement of your teams to be focused on the right things across all projects.



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