Drive employee growth

through daily Bite-sized learning 

Intervy is a virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams that help employees grow through daily learning by providing bite-sized, personalized learning content and assessments.

The assistant uses artificial intelligence to adapt to each user’s unique learning style and skill set to ensure they receive the most effective training. With Intervy, employees can easily access learning materials and track their progress while staying motivated through gamification.

Get started with integrated microlearning ready-to-use content


Inform and protect your employees with interactive cybersecurity training


Give practical advice on how to improve employee well-being in the workplace

Free space for customized content

Create your own content based on the needs and scenarios of your business

Effective communication

Master effective communication for everyday work

Effective meetings

Use best practices for effective meetings in your workplace

Intervy offers a range of available topics that you can use right away, and if you want to include your own, it’s both possible and effortless.


With Intervy, managers have access to analytics on employee engagement and knowledge trends that help them understand the impact of training and identify areas for improvement.

Intervy is ideal for busy professionals who want to continuously improve their skills and advance their careers.

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