The strategic solution to manage your software licenses

Software is the lifeblood of every company. With a SAM strategy, businesses are empowered to make better software licensing decisions. USU Software Asset Management is the strategic solution for managing your software costs and risks. It covers all the important vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, and accurately calculates complex metrics for servers, cloud, clients and mobile.

Manage your vendors

With 100+ managed and optimized vendors and 50+ integrated systems and databases, our technology catalog includes more software vendors and products than any other SAM technology.

Manage your SaaS

Get a complete picture of your SaaS environment with options for instant cost optimization. We pull robust, relevant data directly from your favorite SaaS products, such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Manage your cloud

Optimize your cloud services by getting a centralized overview, tracking your cloud costs, and analyzing your PaaS, IaaS or hybrid cloud licenses and migration.

Our customers agree that USU Software Asset Management makes dollars and sense

  • Save 30% on license costs
  • Get ROI in less than a year
  • Reduce audit response time by 50%
  • Automation saves time – up to 33%

Help your company gaining a competitive edge

With USU Software Asset Management that tracks your big vendors,
covers your IT estate, serves your needs, and creates value.

Manage Vendor Relationships

If you know the terms of your license agreements and how you are using the software, then you’re in a better position to provide useful feedback to your vendors, making it even easier for them to respond to your needs, and to create more value.

Improve Processes

SAM is about ease – our USU SAM solution enables you to read all the licenses and apply the product use rights. Ditch the spreadsheets and create more efficient, more automated, and more reliable SAM processes that benefit IT end-users.


Be Prepared for Audits

Software vendors aren’t the big bad wolf. They have a contractual right to audit and to ensure compliance. They are trying to protect their business, like you do yours. Take the surprise out of your next software audit — or avoid it all together.


Get Cost Transparency

Control costs and vendor negotiations with a clear view of your software estate. USU Software Asset Management gives you transparency for what (cloud) software products are used and on which devices, or what licenses are purchased or leased (SaaS), and in-depth license metrics

USU is your trusted and certified SAM solution partner

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