About the company

AD Baltic is an automobile part and accessory distributor with thirty branch offices located all across Belarus and the three Baltic States. The company’s success is ensured largely thanks to their thought-out logistics system, which helps them achieve fastest possible delivery times, making professional management of their IT systems on of their top priorities.

About the project

AD Baltic were looking for ways to optimize their IT resource management. An analysis of the company’s software and license inventory was first performed to identify the various ways in which IT assets were delaying product delivery. Following this, a software asset management procedure policy was developed to help achieve more efficient use of licences, improve management of the company’s IT resources, cut costs as well as ensure stronger data security.


The new methodology streamlined performance of the IT department and made logistics processes more efficient, enabling AD Baltic to improve their delivery times and achieve better logistics indicators.

Customer feedback

Our cooperation with Squalio has been excellent and we believe that it will remain so in the future as well.

Kestutis Tubutis, general manager at AD Baltic