ensuring 100% availability

CityBee is a transportation sharing company in Lithuania. The car or bicycle sharing service is available via the mobile app or website with just a few clicks. The main concern of the company is to ensure flawless, stable, secure, and most importantly, uninterrupted operation of the technical infrastructure.

Before moving to Azure, CityBee was using an on-premises infrastructure operated by its own technical staff. In the past two years, the car and bicycle park of City Bee grew 10 times and there was needed more flexible and reliable IT solution that can grow together with the company.

We needed a service that would let us expand our infrastructure, wouldn’t require time to maintain it, and would guarantee our clients non-stop service. That’s what we got with the help of SQUALIO and Microsoft.

Liutauras Lipavicius, the head of IT at CityBee

the challenge

The challenge for the SQUALIO team was extreme. Guaranteeing no interruptions for a customer‘s IT infrastructure is not an easy task. It is scientifically proven that it is impossible to provide a 0% chance of failure. SQUALIO chose Azure due to its near perfect operations percentage of 99.95%.

the business impact and metrics

Before our solution, CityBee was dealing with IT infrastructure issues that provided major interruptions to services about once every 2 weeks, which is 26 interruptions per year. In almost a year company had no failure due to infrastructure. “Azure” infrastructure had 100% availability.

  • Faster and more effective testing of new functionalities.
  • Higher availability of “CityBee” services for their clients.

After moving IT systems to “Microsoft Azure” we had no infrastructure failures. Also, we could test new functionalities faster and more effective and offer our customer service that is more available.

Liutauras Lipavicius, the head of IT at CityBee.