about the university

Liepaja University is the largest higher education institution in Kurzeme, offering 30 study programs in the social sciences and business, arts and humanities, natural sciences, mathematics and information technology, pedagogy education science and social well-being.

About the project

To solve the IT infrastructure problems faced by Liepaja University, Squalio helped them transition to a new licensing agreement, which ensured that all university computers are using identical Microsoft operating systems and Office software, thus preventing various problems arising from mutual incompatibility. This also helped the university reduce costs and simplify the process of buying new hardware, as it no longer matters which operating system version the hardware is equipped with, because Office software no longer needs to be purchased and install files are readily available online.


Liepaja University faculty now has access to the latest versions of Windows and MS Office on their computers, which ensures the possibility to use latest IT solutions, including latest cloud computing services such as Office Online, Skype for Business and OneDrive for data storage in the cloud.

Customer feedback

We are confident that Office 365 will improve our IT infrastructure and its applications, and that Liepaja University will certainly become more competitive among other higher education institutions.

Kaspars Lauris, senior network administrator at Liepaja University IT Service Laboratory