About the company

Premium Medical is a healthcare clinic that offers premium quality medical services – consultations, examinations and treatments with an emphasis on personalized approach to each patient – performed by over 70 highly qualified doctors, specialized in a variety of different medical areas.

About the project

The clinic needed help them improving their IT asset management, as their existing software was outdated and needed a lot of time and resources to update, while their license management was complex and required constant maintenance, resulting in additional work for their IT department. On top of that, employees also had no way of accessing their emails and work files from outside the clinic, which was decreasing the clinic’s overall operational efficiency as well.


Office 365 offered the perfect solution to the clinic’s problems. Software license management was made simple with the help of an online platform developed by Microsoft, employees were provided with the latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as access to their emails and work files from outside the office, while automated software updates helped reduced workload for their IT department.

Customer feedback

Of the additional free tools included in the Office 365 service, we actively use Office Online, which allows you to run Office applications via a web browser from any other computer, as well as the OneDrive document cloud, providing access to files and documents even when you're not at the computer

Ugis Peiko, IT specialist at Premium Medical