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Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) is a public limited company, dealing with vehicle registration, drivers’ qualification exams, driving licenses issue, technical assurance, road safety audits and general monitoring, as well as the public register maintenance and road users’ education and information.

Due to limited number of outdated speed detection devices and continuously increasing car accidents caused by over speeding, the Latvian demography and economy were considerably suffering. The challenge was to create a cost-effective and fast roll-out solution to improve road safety.


The solution was to deploy Gatso speed cameras – powerful and precise, difficult to damage, equipped with 24/7 monitoring and re-trained deep neural network – ANPR/MMR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition/Make and Model Recognition), allowing to detect upcoming issues, provide rapid response capability, ensure statistical analysis and educate drivers about being safe on the road.


Within half of a year in places where speed cameras are located, in average car accidents have dropped by 42%, the number of injured victims by 21% and there are no deaths recorded. Moreover, during 2016 there has been processed 97 257 over speeding protocols and imposed penalties in amount of 3.7M EUR, meaning, the investments made are possible to pay of within 1-2 years.

Every year 1M people die worldwide due to car accidents. It’s a half of Latvian population. And if we can
change this terrible statistic by improving the road environment – it’s our number one priority! Last year, in
Latvia were recorded 3790 car accident. But by implementing new technology speed cameras, we were able to scientifically decrease these numbers, allowing us to believe that the speed cameras do their job properly.

Road Traffic Safety Directory

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