about the university

Splashing Prezentreklāma operates in the field of promotional advertisement and printing with the aim of providing a full range of services, reaching effective marketing objectives and producing advertising products.

About the project

The company was looking for an alternative solution to the freeware tools they were using for handling documents and emails, as they tended to work poorly with the Microsoft technologies used by most of their partners and customers, causing regular formatting errors as well as other inaccuracies when opening documents sent by their clients.


Implementation of Office 365 and OneDrive data storage gave company access to the latest versions of Microsoft software and improved daily workflow throughout the company. Office 365 made it possible for multiple people (lawyers, salesmen, drivers, etc.) to access documents simultaneously from any location, edit them or post comments, thus eliminating time wasted on transferring multiple versions of a document to each other or combining corrections done by different people.

Customer feedback

Clearly, a great benefit is the possibility to lease the Office 365 software – that way our company is always provided with the latest tools, an active license and a reduced monthly expenditure burden.

Armands Senitagoja, representative at Splashing Prezentreklāma