simple way to inventory your software

Want to identify all licensed software installed on your network or track software installs on every computer? Software & hardware inventory is the quickest and simplest solution to get a clear overview of all your hardware and software assets deployed across multi-platform networks.

Clear and accurate view of your software

Inventory delivers a clear and accurate view of the hardware devices and software assets deployed across multi- platform networks. It identifies all software license requirements, unwanted installations and potential security risks that may inject computers, endanger employee’s passwords, credit card details or your customer data.

Reduce cost

Software inventory can reduce costs in several ways, helping you to eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses, limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software, reduce the potential for unexpected software costs and avoid paying damages for noncompliance.

Obtain peace of mind

Software inventory best practices help you manage license compliance throughout your organization. When you effectively track and document your software licenses, you lower the risk of noncompliance. You also create a better working environment for your employees and partners.

Invest intelligently

Based on inventory data you will be able to produce quick returns on investment of your existing assets and intelligently plan new software purchase or start thinking about a strategic software plan for the future.

Inventory process


By installing a certified scanning tool, we will gather a data of your current hardware and software installed. It takes a couple of minutes and can be done centralized for all hardware simultaneously.


Up and coming you will receive a report of your hardware and technical parameters, software installations and license needs, as well as a list of unwanted installations.


Based on report data our licensing experts will help you to identify potential risks, options for cost saving and suitable licensing principles for the needs of your IT environment.

Download a demo report of inventory


How we work

  • Quick onboard | To start the software inventory project has never been so easy! Sign up NDA form, provide an access and welcome on to the board!
  • High excellence performance | To start the software inventory project has never been so easy! Sign up NDA form, provide an access and welcome on to the board!
  • Upfront feedback | Our reward is your satisfaction. After the project you will receive a short evaluation form that will help us to find the right model for successful cooperation with you in the future.

Software inventory helped to regain initiative on software spending by understanding the current license position. We appreciate work of SQUALIO experts giving us a clear recommendations for more beneficial licensing model.

Vienna Insurance Group

The benefits delivered by SQUALIO software inventory range from the measurable time/money savings achieved to improved security. At the same time it opened our eyes on how licensing works. You go to vendors and they offer you licensing in this form or that form, but it’s not always obvious what’s best for you.

Rhenus Logistics

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