Advanced cybersecurity: elevating quality of IT during lockdown


With so many people working from home, the increase in attacks is not all that surprising. In the UK, like in the rest of the world, governments enforced lockdowns to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The measure directly affected the number of cyberattacks against businesses. Between April and June 2020, UK businesses suffered almost 177,000 separate attempts to breach their systems. That’s a 13 percent increase from the first quarter of 2020.

“Thirty-seven thousand of these attacks were traced to locations in China. The ISP identified increasing numbers of attacking IP addresses located in Taiwan (up 32% to 32,000 in the quarter) and the USA (up 13% to 17,000).”

File-sharing applications were one of the main targets, registering a 27 percent increase in the second quarter, for an average of 5,900 per company. The IoT ecosystems were the most affected, by far, with attackers mainly preferring building control systems and networked security cameras, with 14,000 online attacks per company.

How SeSa strengthened their security with advanced cybersecurity

SeSa Group, one of Italy’s largest IT solutions and services providers, was experiencing frequent ransomware attacks. This required the company’s cybersecurity department to pour significant time and effort into performing checks, removing ransomware and disinfecting affected systems.

The cybersecurity team decided to evaluate different security solutions. The objective was to expand the cybersecurity perimeter without negatively impacting performance of employees’ workstations. Ultimately, SeSa selected Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra.

Alberto Santini, Chief Information Security Officer, SeSa, explains, “In a pilot, Bitdefender showed it was most effective at detecting and resolving threats and very easy to use. GravityZone Ultra gives us the latest endpoint detection and response capabilities and protects our entire estate across virtual, cloud and physical environments in the data center and at endpoints.”

Results after using Bitdefender

  • Complete blocking of ransomware attacks
  • Visibility into full chain of forensic events and behavior enhances security posture
  • Security automation- enabled time savings lead to smarter reallocation of IT staff resources
  • Security- related trouble calls dropped from 10 to zero on average per month

GravityZone Ultra’s combined endpoint-protection and EDR capabilities protect SeSa against advanced threats, while enabling its security analysts to conduct proactive threat hunting and root-cause analysis. SeSa takes advantage of the Endpoint Risk Management and Analytics functionality to assess, prioritize and address risk coming from endpoint misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, further strengthening its security posture.

“GravityZone Ultra provides us with powerful automation, machine learning and reporting,” states Santini. “Since deploying GravityZone, we haven’t seen a single successful attack. Even when zero-day attacks occur, which don’t have signatures, GravityZone analyzes the behavior and blocks the malware almost immediately.





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