Google Cloud: transformation story


Squalio is a trusted partner in accelerating digital transformation using Google Cloud. Learn more about how Google Cloud solutions can help organizations answer five key questions about transformation and achieve their goals:

1. Are we creating the best hybrid workplace?

The fundamental shift in how and where we work requires new, stronger connections and collaboration.

The collaboration cloud: We help customers transform how their people connect, create, and collaborate.

2. Are we the best at understanding and using data?

Organizations want to deliver more value from their data so they can drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

The data cloud: We help customers become smarter at using data and AI to make better business decisions.

3. Do we know our data, systems, and users are secure?

The rise of cybersecurity threats has every company rethinking its security posture.

The trusted cloud: We help customers protect what's important, with advanced security tools.

4. Do we have the best technology infrastructure?

Organizations are looking for a cloud platform that will serve as their foundation for growth, with the flexibility to innovate securely and adapt quickly based on market needs.

The open infrastructure cloud: We give customers the freedom to securely innovate and scale from on-premises, to edge, to cloud, on an easy, transformative, and open platform.

5. Are we creating a more sustainable future through products and services that minimize environmental impact?

Organizations are prioritizing sustainability as a critical, board-level topic.

Sustainable technology: We help everyone build and work more sustainably.

What is google cloud?

Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that enables businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on Google's infrastructure. With Google Cloud, you can access powerful tools for data analysis, machine learning, and application development, all in one place. Google`s cloud services are designed to provide a secure, reliable, and scalable environment for your business. Whether you're a startup, a small business, or a large enterprise, Google Cloud can help you achieve your goals.

Some of the key features of Google Cloud include:

  • Compute Engine: Our virtual machines are fast, reliable, and scalable, allowing you to run your applications and services with ease.
  • Cloud Storage: With Google Cloud Storage, you can store and access your data with ease, while ensuring it's secure and always available.
  • BigQuery: Our data analysis tool allows you to easily process large datasets and gain insights quickly.
  • Cloud AI: Google Cloud AI provides a range of machine learning services, allowing you to build intelligent applications and services that can learn and adapt over time.

Whether you're looking to move your applications to the cloud, or you're looking for powerful data analysis and machine learning tools, Google Cloud has everything you need to get started. Contact us today to learn more!

See how it works:

In this video Ryan Matsumoto, Developer Advocate at Google, provides a high-level overview of Google Cloud and its features, including cloud computing, Google's data centers, scalability with Cloud Spanner, running code, storing data, AI & machine learning tools, and more. He also highlights a real-world use case for Google Cloud. If you're looking to learn more about Google Cloud and its benefits, this video is a great starting point.


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