How to: Add appointment slots to your calendar


The main advantage of using an appointment scheduler is that the 'traditional' way of making appointments is excruciatingly slow. Normally, a customer or client has to must contact your company to schedule an appointment. This often means that companies have to hire extra staff, which increases costs. In this blog post we will describe how to turn blocks of time on your calendar into appointment slots that others can book. Booked appointments appear on your calendar so you know who you're meeting and when.

Benefits of an appointment scheduling system for businesses and service providers

  • Control over arrival flow and customer footfall on premises.
  • Matching service requests to staff competency.
  • Improved operational and staff efficiency.
  • Less pressure on staff.

Another life/business examples where appointment scheduling seems to be very appropriate:

  • Teachers can set up weekly office hours that students sign up for online.
  • Let team members book one-on-one meetings with you.
  • Running a service? Add a calendar with your appointment slots to your website so potential customers can schedule time with you

Create an appointment slot in Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar and in your calendar grid, click an empty time slot and click Appointment slots, or click PlusCreateand thenAppointment slots.
  2. (Optional) If you want to create your appointment slot on another calendar, at the bottom click your name and select the calendar.
  3. Add a title and choose a date and time.
  4. Select the number of slots and the duration of each appointment.
  5. (Optional) If you want to add more details to your appointment slot, click More options and add your information.
  6. Click Save.

  Your appointment block shows as a single event on your calendar, with a grid symbol in the top-left corner. As people book appointments, they'll appear as regular events overlapping the appointment block. Yes, it may appear impersonal and cumbersome to some potential customers, but it also boosts customer happiness, enables you to automate some processes and concentrate on more strategic tasks.  

If you want to go one step further and to start using Gmail for business, you should think about Google Workspace. Google Workspace offers many features (including Chat) that are not available in the free version of Gmail. The most important differences are: more space on Google Drive, email accounts in your domain, a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, advanced control options, security audits, custom alerts, and analytical reports.


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