How to speed up your work with clients 7 times


Let your software work for you! We have compiled 7 facts that you may not know about how Microsoft Office 365 can be beneficial for your company and improve the way you work with clients and colleagues.

  • One Office 365 licence for one user can be used from up to five different computers, five phones and five tablets;

  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint come with hundreds of document templates that make it possible to put together, for example, client offers or business plan drafts within seconds;

  • Company documents and client data can no longer be lost due to computer malfunctions: now, information can be stored in a cloud;

  • Outlook e-mail allows adding the company domain and creating additional info e-mail boxes;

  • Nothing will prevent you from accessing documents, e-mail or Office software now: wherever you are, you will always be able to access them via a browser;

  • Skype for business differs from the Skype version for private individuals in that it allows setting up major web-conferences and online meetings for up to 250 people;

  • You do not have to buy Microsoft software anymore — you can save renting it!

The price of a full set of software for a small or medium company starts at 3.88 EUR per user a month (without VAT).

If you purchase Office 365 for more than 50 users by 30 June, you get its implementation for free! 


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