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Have you heard of Ransomware

Ransomware is a computer virus that encrypts all the information on the infected computer and requires payment from the victim in order to decrypt the information or to not publish it on! The problem is urgent, because antivirus developers do not recognize this type of virus in the initial distribution phase and unable to deal with it.

Data security company Sophos has developed a new product Intercept X, that will protect you from the troubles mentioned. Intercept X capable of running simultaneously to your existing antivirus and additionally provides:  

  • encryption virus protection (CryptoGuard Ransomware Protection);
  • protection of internet browser (Browser Exploit Prevention);
  • malware launch protection (Exploit Prevention);
  • unwanted content exchange detection (Malicious Traffic Detection);
  • automatic malware removal (Automated Malware Removal);
  • a detailed analysis of the malware origin (Root Cause Analysis);
  • additional antivirus scanner (Sophos Clean);
  • synchronized security with other Sophos products (Product of Synchronized Security Heartbeat).

Additional information about Intercept X can be found here!

Apply for a 30-day trial period here!

To check operational efficiency of your existing antivirus, you can use Surfright  Exploit Test Tool package.

SQUALIO customers, who until 16.12.2016 will order Sophos Intercept X licenses, will receive additional 20% discount.

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