Why are collaboration apps important for successful companies?


Where there is teamwork, there is also collaboration. When a team or department is collaborating smoothly, openly sharing information and communicating seamlessly, they are able to work at their most effective level. Remote work trends and the digital revolution has interrupted these processes and with more information shared online modern teams need innovative solutions, which in turn leads to successful collaboration. There are many debates about implementing digital collaboration tools to daily work life, but the popularity of these tools are growing tremendously. Last year PGiconducted some research which found that that 88% of industry professionals used collaboration apps at least once a week. This only confirms that online collaboration tools are fast becoming a must for businesses to adapt and succeed in a fast-changing working environment.

Easing Your Communication Process

Chatting with your colleagues using email sound like something that people used to do in the middle ages. Of course, no one says that emails didn't revolutionise both professional and personal communication, however, it just doesn‘t work for modern teams. Our mailboxes tend to get crowded with a myriad of unread emails, and it is easy to miss something important or simply ignore it. What's more, email communication usually does not provide immediate feedback, and it's hard to discuss things with more than one person at the same time. It's even harder to find the file you need, not to mention finding the right version of it. According to Wall Street Journal, almost 60% of managers miss essential information because they are not able to find it or even worse, they never see it. It all requires a lot of time, to be more specific, the average worker spends about a third of the work weekmanaging e-mail. So how can collaboration apps help to solve this? Online collaboration tools create a virtual meeting room, where team members can easily share ideas, brainstorm,  exchange information and much more without getting up from their  chairs. In this way, team communication can happen in a more efficient way and it saves a lot of valuable time.  

Raising Productivity

Managing a project from zero to hero is challenging, especially if the team is really large or half of its members are on the other side of the planet. Online collaboration tools help to organise work in the most efficient way possible. It allows everyone to plan ahead by empowering users to add new tasks, set deadlines and assign responsibilities. McKinseyreleased a report claiming that collaboration technologies help to raise employees productivity by 20-25%. Collaboration apps visualise workstreams and everyone can easily track what's happening at every stage of the project. In this way, everyone works more productively, as they know what and when is expected from them, and who is doing what. In this way, everyone can set their priorities. It helps to track the progress, not to get lost between lots of different projects and see the workload of each member of the team.  

Sharing and Finding Files

Digital collaboration tools let everyone access and share files despite their location. There is no need for digging deep to find some document created 6 months ago, as everything is safely stored in one place and can be reached with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, collaboration tools let you make real-time edits, where more than one people can work on the same document at the same time, using the cloud. Also, different versions of each file are saved, and everyone can see who edited what and when, so you can always find the latest version of any file. The benefits of collaboration apps are more than obvious and if you are not using one you are probably losing time and money. Lifesizesurvey showed that on average organisations use 4.4 different apps and 3 different service providers.  icy365 provides a perfect all-in-one solution since it helps you tackle all modern workplace challenges in one platform, so you won't be needing to jump between many different aplications. Why not try it today? If you are interested in trying our collaboration app, you can order icy365 on a 30 day free trial.  You will not need to use your credit card, download any app, and you will be able to cancel at any time.

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