Winning Strategies to Beat Audits from 5 Top Vendors


Many software companies use audits as a source o additional revenue, squeezing customers to boost their bottom line. For vendors, audits have shifted from an occasional activity to a significant source of revenue - one that we can only expect to increase in times of economic uncertainty. While they tend to be aligned with contract renewal dates, audits can occur at any time of year.

Audits can put customers in a position of strength or weakness, depending on their situation. Strongly positioned customers, those how have visibility of their license entitlements and usage, can often renegotiate existing agreements as well as have leverage for new license purchases. On the other hand, some customers will face potentially costly penalties as vendors seek out easy pickings to meet their audit revenue goals.

In an audit, the vendor will use their data to show what they think you owe. Without data of your own, you have no option other than to accept their version of the truth. Developing your own accurate view of software deployment, configuration, licensing and usage will enable you to counter their claims and clarify any variance. To build this view, you need the right people, processes and technology in place.

Learn more in our e-book why In an audit, the side with the best data wins!

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