Azure Health-check

Azure Health-check (AHC) provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s Azure environment and assesses the maturity of the cloud through automated scans and manual analysis. The resulting prioritized action plan guides the improvement of overall maturity and cybersecurity. AHC focuses on the configuration of Azure objects, except for the data and application layer.

Your business challenges

Inefficient resource utilization or cost overruns

Companies often face challenges in optimizing their Azure resources, resulting in inefficient utilization or unexpected cost overruns.

Limited visibility into Azure environment health

Many companies struggle with a lack of visibility into the health and performance of their Azure environments, making it difficult to proactively manage and address potential issues.

Assessing resource performance suitability

Determining whether the performance levels of our resources align with the requirements

Our Solution

Our Azure Health-check service checks everything from design aspects and security to infrastructure and spending. Imagine having a clear picture of your cloud setup and being able to uncover potential vulnerabilities and hidden cost inefficiencies.

Our Health-check goes beyond superficial checks. We take a close look at your architecture and examine design, reliability, topology and security. This includes analyzing identities and access controls, identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and assessing compliance risks. We then prioritize these risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

In the area of infrastructure, we take a close look at your virtual machines, containers, networks, storage and any PaaS services you use. We analyze spending history, highlight the highest costs, identify unusual spending patterns and provide licensing advice with calculations on potential cost savings.

Our Azure Health-check gives you complete control over your cloud environment. This allows you to optimize security, ensure efficiency and potentially save significant costs.

Our standard delivery process:


  • Environment analysis
  • Tool based scan
  • Interviews

Security and Access

  • Only read-only permissions needed


  • Know your Azure Recommendations
  • Development plan


  • Cost-efficient and secure environment
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables

  • Clear recommendations 
  • Know your Azure 
  • Improvement plan 
  • Urgent action items 
  • Defined risk categories 
  • Improved security posture 

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