Copilot Headstart

Get the most out of Copilot for Microsoft 365, a solution that enhances collaboration and communication across teams and departments.  

Copilot Headstart helps to identify and prioritize the key scenarios where Copilot can improve organizational productivity. 

Your business challenges

These days there are many AI assistants to choose from. Most of them are either unsafe for work or perform very niche tasks. 

GenAI is a novel technology and there’s often very different levels of understanding on how it can help in workplace at scale. 
It’s likely there are many major areas in which you can leverage it. Though, often it’s complicated to imagine within the scope of the unknown. 

Little practical experience with AI at workplace, besides text generation. 
Many features on roadmap, it’s challenging to understand what’s possible now and what’s coming. 

Our Solution

Target audience
Are you a medium or large business preparing for Microsoft Copilot rollout but concerned about data confidentiality risks?
Copilots are built to ease information retrieval.
Will your internal users be able to access information they are not entitled to?
Will Microsoft or third parties see any confidential data and will it use it to improve Microsoft services (which is different from using to train underlying LLMs)?

Our standard delivery process:

  • 1 month engagement.
  • Kick-off and Data Privacy and Security review.
  • M365 tenant data collection
    • Identity and Access Management policies
    • DLP policies
    • App Protection policies
    • Device Management
    • Endpoint protection
    • Teams' collaboration
    • SharePoint permissions.
  • Project closure meeting.

Engagement checklist and structure

1. Planning

  • Kickoff meeting, decision of configuration data collection strategies
  • Acquire permissions to access customer tenant (if required)

2. Collection

  • Data collection (either Squalio or customer led)

3. Analysis

  • Data analysis and report prep

4. Present

  • Project closure meeting -final report discussion and next steps
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables


  • Copilot Security Readiness Assessment, including: 
    • Current M365 tenant security readiness overview 
    • Copilot specific impact assessment 
    • Key recommendations 
    • Prior rollout 
    • During adoption 


  • Peace of mind – you will learn exactly what information will be available to your employees and Microsoft 
  • Improved cybersecurity posture – data provided can be used to narrow data sharing and access permissions scope. That will decrease cybersecurity risks even if you should decide against Copilot rollout 
  • Path towards Zero Trust – our methodology is grounded in Zero Trust concept highly recommended by governments, security agencies and industry associations 

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