ITAM maturity assessment

Supercharge your transformational ITAM journey with our ITAM Maturity Assessment, tailored to enhance your IT Asset Management practices. Expect actionable insights, strategic alignment with business goals, and a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring you save resources and strategically direct your efforts for ITAM excellence. 

Your business challenges

Inefficient IT asset allocation

Leading to potential inefficiencies and increased operational costs. This includes unused and underutilized software & hardware and misallocated IT resources. 

Compliance risks

Legal, financial, and audit risks due to challenges in keeping up with evolving technology, and licensing terms, and ensuring continuous compliance. 

Strategic misalignment

ITAM should align seamlessly with business needs, avoiding any additional disconnect and confusion. 

Data security challenges

Safeguarding sensitive data linked to IT assets, risking breaches, unauthorized access, and inadequate protection—potentially causing reputational harm.

Our Solution

Use our Maturity Assessment to achieve ITAM excellence. Our comprehensive evaluation takes a close look at your IT asset management practices and provides actionable insights and strategic guidance to maximize the value of your IT assets. Our final report is a strategic tool for decision-makers that guides initiatives, improves resource allocation, and aligns your ITAM practices with industry standards.

Our standard delivery process:

Information Gathering 

  • Develop tailored questions and prepare for the assessment. 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to validate and gather accurate information. 
  • Fine-tune content based on feedback and insights. 


  • Conduct detailed stakeholder interviews. 
  • Internally review information for the Executive Report 
  • Share the draft, making refinements based on feedback. 

Final Executive Report and Presentation 

  • Deliver the final report, presenting identified strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 
  • Collaborate on an improvement plan, aligning ITAM practices with industry standards. 
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables


  • Deep insight and understanding – dive deep into your current ITAM practices to gain a comprehensive understanding.
  • Targeted improvement - identify specific strengths and areas for improvement and strategically focus your efforts.
  • Strategic guidance - receive expert guidance to seamlessly align your ITAM practices with business needs.
  • Clear maturity roadmap - actionable steps to effectively increase your maturity level. 
  • Alignment with industry best practices - stand out from the crowd by aligning your ITAM practices with industry standards to maximize the value of your IT assets.

Deliverables - Comprehensive Executive Report: 

  • A detailed analysis of your organization's ITAM maturity level with explanatory notes.
  • Identified strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Actionable recommendations based on industry best practices.

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