ITAM system technical health check

Enhance your ITAM system implementation with our ITAM system technical health check, designed to elevate success in IT Asset Management. We focus on trustworthy data, alignment with business needs and delivering actionable recommendations, ensuring your ITAM system operates at peak efficiency, and delivering substantial ROI. 

Resource Limitations & Effectiveness

Trustworthiness of Data

ITAM system data reliability concerns, struggling with unreliable, incomplete, or poor-quality data in the ITAM system, hindering the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Resource Limitations & Effectiveness

expertise shortage - facing challenges due to a lack of available experts, specialized knowledge, or skills, leading to poor ITAM effectiveness and significant time spent on ITAM tasks. 

Underutilized ITAM System

An ITAM system that is underutilized typically results in poor Return on Investment (ROI) and limited business value derived from ITAM efforts. ITAM system maintenance & continuous improvements are too expensive, too time-consuming. 

Upcoming ITAM system license renewal.

The existing ITAM system does not have the necessary capabilities to support an organization's cloud strategy. 

Our Solution

Unlock the full potential of your ITAM system with our comprehensive Technical Health Check—a standardized and modular assessment tailored to ITAM systems from various ITAM technology vendors. Our goal is to ensure complete, accurate, and reliable data within your ITAM system, supporting your business needs. We not only assess the current state of the implementation but also provide tailored recommendations and actionable next steps. 

Our standard delivery process:

  • Workshop - Understand business needs, organizational structure and ITAM system topics. Initial session, with optional follow-ups. 
  • Assessment  - Conduct a technical assessment, access to the ITAM system is required. 
  • Report Preparation - Prepare the Health Check report, involving client feedback  
  • Delivery and Presentation  - Present and discuss findings, results, possible next steps, and recommendations. 
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables


  • Enhanced Decision-Making - make informed decisions based on trustworthy data. 
  • ITAM Efficiency Boost – streamline processes, enhance workflows and automate to increase the efficiency of your ITAM system. 
  • Improved ROI & Alignment - achieve improved Return on Investment (ROI) and ensure alignment of ITAM with your business goals. 

Deliverables – Comprehensive Report: 

  • Overview and summary of what’s important – main problems, challenges, focus areas 
  • Possible next steps & recommendations, how to overcome the identified challenges, based on standards and best practices. 

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