Managed Detection and Response

Fully managed 24/7 service to detect and respond to cyberattacks on your computers, servers, networks, cloud, email and more.

With this service, your infrastructure is protected whether or not you have security analysts who can handle signals from endpoints about potential intrusions or attacks. The software solution will stop most attacks, and highly skilled security engineers from the world's leading cybersecurity companies will do the rest.

Your business challenges

24/7 security monitoring overload

Insufficient headcount or expertise for evolving threats

Slow response to confirmed malicious threats

Too many tools in IT threat detection

Our Solution

Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers two levels of service: MDR Essentials and MDR Complete. These services provide organizations with robust security solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring advanced threat detection and comprehensive incident response. 

Our MDR solutions offer tailored, expert-led security support for organizations seeking advanced protection against cyber threats. Whether opting for MDR Essentials or MDR Complete, organizations can benefit from enhanced security measures, rapid response, and peace of mind.

Our standard delivery process:

  • Find more threats than regular tools 
    Sophos automation stops 99.98% of threats, so experts could focus on catching the trickiest attackers, where human skills matter most. 
  • Take action on your behalf to stop threats from disrupting your business 
    Sophos analysts rapidly handle threats, whether for full-scale incidents or precise decision support. 
  • Root-cause ID to prevent future threats 
    Sophos acts and advises proactively, cutting risk. Fewer incidents mean smoother operations for your IT, security, employees, and customers. 
Our Solution


Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables

  • Protected 24/7 from ransomware and other sophisticated human-led attacks
  • Fixed the lack of IT workforce issue 
  • Full-scale incident response 96% faster than the industry benchmark 
  • Incorporated solution in your current cybersecurity tools for unified threat detection and response 

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