IBM StoredIQ

IBM StoredIQ

Turn unstructured data into relevant information

IBM StoredIQ

IBM StoredIQ

The remarkable growth of unstructured data in particular requires a new data management approach. While some organizations have mastered the art of capturing and storing unstructured data, they may still struggle with identifying and retaining it to derive meaningful insights.

IBM® StoredIQ® Suite is designed to help organizations discover, analyze and act on relevant unstructured data. It offers a holistic solution for addressing data management challenges relating to records management, e-discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives.

By providing an in-depth assessment of unstructured data across the enterprise and where it resides, IBM can help your organization turn unstructured data into relevant information. You can gain critical visibility into important data and positioning to derive insights and make better-informed decisions.

IBM storediq benefits


An indexing engine dynamically gathers and stores intelligence about data across the enterprise, so that it is available for virtually any business process.


The suite can process immense amounts of data where it resides.


A distributed architecture links or federates instances of StoredIQ Suite to manage a company’s data.

Rapid deployment

StoredIQ Suite lets you quickly start analyzing data and then deriving meaningful insights.


StoredIQ has General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)– focused data discovery cartridges that provide a powerful data assessment solution for recognizing potentially sensitive and/or personal data, which can help support client readiness for GDPR.

Storediq key values for customers:

Automated discovery and classification of unstructured content within the information landscape.

Identification of unstructured information that may be considered personal or sensitive.

Advanced search capabilities specifically tailored to help find country-specific data, including data that may be considered personal or sensitive.

Detailed analysis of large amounts of corporate data.

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