Sympa HR covers the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit interview and provides real-time reports for HR analytics.

Experience HCM and talent development like never before!

Sympa HR is a life-saver for managers, team-leaders and top management. Team-leaders can easily keep track of their team-members’ availability and absences. Top management can make more informed decisions by viewing ready-made reports on HR KPI’s.

Sympa HR is fully customisable to suit the needs of your business. You will gain admin user rights allowing you to easily develop your Sympa HR to match your processes and develop them. You can also integrate Sympa HR into your existing HR systems.

All employees can be given access to fill in and update some of their own personal information, like address or bank account number. Employees can also track their own development, helping them to stay motivated. And there’s a feature that most employees love: knowing how many holidays they are entitled to and have left at any given moment.

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How does Sympa HR stand out?

Stores data from the entire employee life cycle
  • One system for all data
  • End-to-End: from hire to retire
  • Outstanding reporting and analytics tools
Flexible super user rights
  • Cloud service and mobile app allow you to use the system anywhere
  • Customers always retain full rights to edit the system
Agile front runner
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Always tailored to your individual needs
  • Fast implementation, agile use

Award-winning quality
  • 90% customer satisfaction
  • 98% customer service satisfaction
  • Well-known quality and security certifications
Grows as your business grows
  • Adapts to changing needs
  • Enables international growth
  • Supports talent development
Minimal risks, fast ROI
  • ROI typically in 10 months
  • Transparent, risk-free pricing based on your number of employees

Agile Implementation Based on Your Needs


  • A shared project plan
  • Agreed goals for content and appearance
  • Shared project tools


  • Workshop
  • Testing the necessary interfaces
  • Agile adaptation

Smooth technical

  • Data transfer
  • User rights
  • Training
  • Implementation


  • Deployment to production
  • Ready to rock!

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