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19 May

The Next Big Thing in Cloud
On this live webinar we'll look at the current reality and the future of cloud services. In order to facilitat... More

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27 Apr

Webinarium online: Nowa ERA licencjonowania oprogramowania
Jednym z największych kosztów organizacyjnych jest licencjonowanie oprogramowania. Współpracujemy z liderem Ga... More

27 Apr

Live webinar: “New ERA of software licensing”
One of the biggest organizational costs is software licensing, and we’ve partnered with with Gartner’s Magic Q... More

20 Apr

The Foundation of Enterprise – IT Security
How to secure your business data on any endpoint? We invite you to online webinar to look at the latest approa... More

25 Mar

Secure Connection for Remote Work: GFI Kerio Control
SQUALIO and BAKOTECH invites IT-engineers, cybersecurity-specialists, IT-managers to this online workshop with... More