Data technology company SQUALIO has created the recognition technology Peero for the management of organisation and team building. The application that is created in Latvia is the first application in the Baltics that is integrated in Microsoft Teams, thus becoming available to 75 million users worldwide.

the team, which is united by common culture and values. “This technology is excellent support to organisation management and personnel management specialists. It promotes the integration of company values in the daily work of employees by facilitating involvement, motivation and mutual assessment, by using the elements of gamification and providing immediate feedback, as well as provides the analysis of co-operation networks of the team,” says Liesma Rijniece, the HR and digital transformation expert at the digital technology company SQUALIO.

“I am pleased that Squalio has become the first company in Latvia to integrate the application developed by the company for work in the Microsoft Teams environment. This means that the application developed in Latvia will be available to 75 million Teams users worldwide.  Any employee wishes to receive recognition for a well performed job; therefore it is important to thank and praise them, irrespective of whether it is done in a digital environment or in person, and Peero ensures this perfectly. The existence of such an application in the Office 365 environment will enable the quick and convenient supplementation of its functions – one click and, after a successfully conducted meeting, a manager will be able to thank colleagues for the good work that they have done. From the point of view of an organisation manager, Peero is a valuable team co-operation tool, which enables easy orientation in the directions of company operation where good co-operation of the team occurs, as well as those where more attention needs to be paid. Squalio has done its work perfectly, therefore I am convinced that the company will receive a high evaluation of its recognition technology in Latvia, as well as abroad,” says Renāte Strazdiņa, the country manager of Microsoft for the Baltics.

Recognition technology Peero is a convenient, innovative and simple solution that can be easily adapted and used on any smart-phone or computer. For more information:

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