Azure benefit for MSDN subscribers!


All MSDN subscribers can now receive monthly credits for Azure services. Here are some examples of ways you can use the $100 per month credit included in the Premium or Platforms subscriptions:

Enjoy lower rates

Your credits now last longer because MSDN subscribers receive discounted hourly rates. Receive a 33% discount on Windows Virtual Machines, and 25% discounts on Cloud Services, HDInsight, and Reserved Websites. See offer details (Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium or Ultimate with MSDN or MSDN Platforms) for the hourly rates for these services.

No additional charge for MSDN software

On your Azure MSDN subscription, you can use the software covered by your MSDN subscription for development and test purposes. You can choose to upload your own VHD with MSDN software installed, remote install MSDN software, or select from our virtual machine image gallery. You will only be charged at the discounted Windows Server rate regardless of what MSDN software is run on top of Windows Server.

Microsoft server software that is supported by Azure Virtual Machines is listed here.

Support for organizational accounts

The MSDN Benefit for Azure Organizational Account enables eligible MSDN subscribers who are members of an organization to use their Organizational Accounts to develop and test applications in the cloud.
Eligible MSDN subscribers using their Azure Organizational Account get the same MSDN benefits that they would have received had they used their Microsoft account.

Enable team development and test scenarios

In addition to your individual MSDN subscription benefits that provide a monthly credit, we also have a great way for teams to work together. As an MSDN subscriber you can create multiple MSDN Dev and Test Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions, which allow team members to share the same subscription, enabling collaboration while also providing isolation between teams and environment. You also enjoy the same low MSDN usage rates. This offer is exclusively available for MSDN subscribers.

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