DPA opens the first software purchase and self-service platform in Latvia


DPA receives prestige status of Microsoft software Cloud technology Solution Provider (Cloud Solutions Provider - CSP) in Latvia and opens the first self-service platform for small business – place365.lv. 

In the self-service platform henceforward the companies of small business sector will be able to purchase the required software, receiving support of DPA experts and the other IT services together in one place.

For several years the company DPA is the annual partner of Microsoft regarding cloud technology implementer in Latvia and it has allowed the company to increase its competency and obtain special Microsoft support software in order to provide companies of small business with full service cycle in the new platform – place365.lv.

Place365.lv is the platform that is based on cloud technology solution software that will provide to small and middle size companies without special IT knowledge full maintenance of services, beginning with conveniently accessible different software and solutions, particularly suited sets to daily work, like Office 365, domain and Outlook e-mail installation electronically, up to freely availably gratis consultations of IT experts, usage training and technical support in Latvian language.

“The world is changing rapidly – if some years ago the entrepreneurs did not know anything about cloud technologies, then now it is a daily routine. Thanks to wide accessibility of information, the clients also in the small sector become more educated and are interested in more efficient solutions for daily routine and business development. We are glad that by place365.lv we can essentially relief the daily routine of our clients, providing more accessible service and allowing to save time and finance resources for implementation of most suitable solution. Currently we are only in the beginning point of the project and will continue to develop the new platform for convenience of our clients and include there new topical solutions for provision of client daily efficiency and business growth”, so indicates Gatis Oss (Gatis Ošs), DPA director.

The entrepreneurs do not need to thing about different products and their settings in separate management sites, now it all is available at the same place and is conveniently manageable. Place365.lv offers also to control efficiently the amount of the connected IT service and pay only for what you really use, as well as to reduce or connect the additional resources or users in simple way as necessary, thus optimising the monthly costs.


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