Level Up Your Generative AI Game - Google Cloud Vertex AI Gets a Power Boost

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Here at Squalio, we're all about staying ahead of the curve in AI. That's why we're excited to dive into the recent updates to Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform, specifically for generative AI capabilities.

Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with features like:

1. Supercharged Gemini

Say hello to Gemini 1.5 Pro, now in public preview. This powerhouse model boasts the world's largest context window, meaning it can analyze massive amounts of information. Plus, it can process audio streams, allowing you to explore connections between text, images, videos, and even sound.

2. Imagen Gets Creative

Imagen 2.0 is all about bringing your visions to life. Generate short, high-quality video snippets from text descriptions. Need to edit existing photos? Imagen 2.0 offers advanced features like inpainting (filling in missing areas) and outpainting (extending an image creatively). Plus, it includes digital watermarking for added security and trust.

3. Code Like a Pro with CodeGemma

This new member of the Gemma family is a lightweight model focused on delivering high-accuracy responses for your generative AI needs.

4. Grounded in Truth

Vertex AI now lets you leverage the power of Google Search to ground your models. This means your AI has access to fresh, high-quality information, leading to more accurate and reliable results.

5. MLOps Made Easy

Streamline your development cycle with enhanced MLOps functionalities. New features for managing prompts and evaluating large models help you iterate faster, taking your experiments from concept to production in record time.

6. Data Privacy, Guaranteed

Google Cloud takes data security seriously. With expanded data residency guarantees in 11 new countries, you have more control over where your data is stored and accessed, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

These updates solidify Vertex AI as a comprehensive suite for all your generative AI needs. Focus on innovation and building impactful solutions, while Google Cloud takes care of the technical heavy lifting and ensures data privacy.

Ready to explore the future of AI? Head over to the Google Cloud Vertex AI page to learn more and get started with a free trial!

Source: Google Cloud Gemini, Image 2, and MLOps updates | Google Cloud Blog

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