Say goodbye to overpriced datacenter virtualization!


Secure Your future on hybrid cloud!

Is it time to switch your hypervisor? 

If you’re like many organizations, you’ve probably extracted all available value from virtualizing your servers. If you’re still using VMware vSphere, however, perhaps it’s time to look beyond. Are you confident your virtualized workloads are protected from cyber threats?

Are you interested in more efficiencies with virtualizing storage and networking? What about shifting some of your workloads to the cloud?

Do you see yourself continuing to pay for features you don’t use and missing a proven cloud option?

With Windows Server 2016, you instantly boost security and reduce business risk on install, gaining new protection built into the operating system. When you move your hypervisor host to Windows Server 2016, you also can use the Shielded Virtual Machines feature, which adds encryption and host attestation for virtualized machines.

It’s your move. Shift to a cloud-ready operating system with layers of security and Azure-inspired innovation for the applications and infrastructure that power your business. You also gain a familiar and consistent experience from on-premises to Azure.

Act now!

Opportunity ends June 30, 2017

Step 1: Engage your account executive to begin the process.

Step 2: Identify virtualized workloads to migrate and specify the Windows Server Datacenter cores required.

Step 3: Provide your account executive proof of eligibility (Offer applicable to customers migrating from VMware to Microsoft).

Step 4: Engage your partner to start the migration process.

Step 5: Receive free Windows Server Datacenter licenses with Software Assurance and pay only the cost of Software Assurance to kickstart your migration.


When is the VMware migration offer available for transaction? The offer is available from Sep 1st 2016 through FY17. What product/s are eligible for the offer? Eligible product for the offer is the Datacenter L+SA migration SKU. Please find below the migration SKUs (all language) details:

Product DescriptionSKU
Windows Svr Datacntr All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL Promo 2 PROC MigrationP71-08336
Windows Svr Datacntr All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL Suite Promo 2 PROC MigrationP71-08337

Can only new customers receive the VMware migration offer? No, the offer is available at new, renewal and for existing agreements Is this offer for Enterprise customers only? No, the offer is Available in Enterprise and Open, including Government. For Government customers, please do not include references to “free” licenses in any documentation. The offer should be positioned only as a discount to avoid violating government policies. Is System Center or CIS included in the offer? No, this offer is for Windows Server only.


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